I primarily work on the science and management of Japanese knotweed, and other related invasive knotweeds.

I can teach you how to control it, teach your land care professionals how to handle it, or conduct the work myself. Depending on how you would like to proceed and the specific services requested, my hourly rate ranges from 65/hr - 115/hr

As Japanese knotweed is an invasive species most commonly found on along waterways and in gardens, those are the locations my services are best deployed.

For those who have knotweed in their gardens, or their landscaped areas, I can help you understand how this plant can weaken and kill your other plants, undermine your property value, and grow through pavement and asphalt.

For those with knotweed on their waterways, I can help you understand why the knotweed is making your property more likely to suffer damage from flooding and climate change.

I look forward to hearing from you, and finding a solution to your knotweed problem.