GIS, Cartography, & Visualization


Using GIS software to provide analyze data and create new perspectives greatly enhances any effort. These tools can improve the understanding of a project in sometimes unexpected ways.

Our GIS work has focused on the creation of visual aids such as detailed maps from field data we collect, and project specific interpretations of large public datasets.


As one example of how such maps can synthesize information in new ways, our Principal Brian Colleran used GIS to solve a common municipal problem. Many projects which enter the wetland regulation process in Massachusetts are difficult to track due to convoluted paper trails generated during ownership transfers, significant technical changes, and/or long years of oversight by volunteer municipal boards. To rectify this problem in one town, Mr. Colleran reviewed and organized over 40 years worth of regulatory documents, and created a companion geospatial repository for the information. The regulatory history of the Conservation Commission was now in a single, searchable location. This institutionalized knowledge which had previously been difficult to access and interpret, could now be quickly and easily queried, understood, and utilized.

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