Transportation & Infrastructure


Much of our regions transportation network and other infrastructure is built alongside rivers, or within their floodplains. Flooding therefore poses an especially significant risk to these critical features. With the predicted changes in rainfall due to climate change, many areas will experience from frequent, and more significant, catastrophic floods.

Riparian invasive plants are threatening the stability of riverbanks, and therefore, our roads and infrastructure. This is especially true of Japanese knotweed, and related species. These sterile plants, which grow and spread primarily along roads and rivers, and are among the worst invasive species on the planet. Addressing the threat posed by these plants is will only become more important to our infrastructure networks as the years go by, and the impacts of climate change continue to grow.

Mr. Colleran, ELM's Principal, presented on this issue at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board. His presentation can be found here.